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abandoned pinky sandal

I found this pink sandal on the Mersing beach. It’s near to the small recreational area at the back of Kampung Makam.


mosque gate pattern

This gate pattern of masjid jamek An-Nur in Labuan attracts me very much.


I visited the Marine Museum that located at Labuan International Sea Sports Complex in Jalan Tanjung Purun.

Err 01 and Dust On My Canon EOS

On the last day in Labuan Island yesterday, I was being surprised by my Canon EOS 40D old technical problems.

The first one is about dusts on my pictures I snapped, especially when I capture any blue sky. I tried using manual sensor cleaning in menu, but the dusts still exist. You can see clearly the dusts on the above picture of Labuan Stadium I took in the morning.

The second one is the program error ‘ERR 01’. I had sent this problem to Canon Service Center before. I Googled about it and found tons of similar problems:

* Battery problems — needs to add battery grip as IS uses more power to operate. This doesn’t make sense since the 17-85mm has IS but have been using it for more than a year. I was also using a battery grip with two fully-charged original batteries in it.
* Lens contacts need cleaning. Took a pencil eraser and cleaned the contacts in the lens (the gold-plated part inside) to no avail. I did the same with camera body. Both contacts look like they’re in pristine condition with no hints of oxidation or whatever.
* IS motor problem. Tried turning off IS and set the lens to manual and still the same. Then, I discovered that when the lens is half to fully extended, it works fine but when set at about 17mm to 35mm, the problem occurs.
* Loose screws. Check the entire lens and all the tiny screws in it but everything is intact.

I’ve exhausted all possible solutions and quick fixes so all I can do now is send it to Canon’s Service Center. [+ Yugatech Philippines ]

Now, I am having doubts with Canon build quality. I have been using my Canon EOS 40D for precisely two years already.

oil rig replica

While travelling from Bandar Seri Begawan to Miri in Sarawak, I found this oil rig replica at Sungai Tujoh Immigration Complex.

labuan teleport

I arrived in Labuan Federal Territory last Monday.

I rented a car and drove all around this tiny island.

The above gigantic satellite radar discs image I took while at Layang-layangan.

super shooter

The Jerudong Park Super Shooter Playground is now totally out of order (2009).

abandoned playground

Yesterday, I managed to visit Brunei’s infamous Jerudong Park Playground.

The playground is abandoned and of course I didn’t have to pay an entrance fee.

selamat pagi brunei

Alhamdulillah. Thank God I arrived in Brunei Darussalam in one piece last Friday.

Day 1: In the evening, I walked around the capital city through tamu and waterfront. From Yayasan Complex, I went inside the mosque compound and took some pictures of the above Masjid Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien. And I came again that night to snap the mosque.

Day 2: I went sightseeing with a tour agent. Their bus driver and me alone as a tourist. I visited Muzium Brunei, Makam Sultan V, Jeradong Playground Park (outside the gate only), Empire Hotel, and Masjid Hassanal Bolkiah.

green stuff

I am in Brunei now.

The above green tree I snapped at Tasek Lama Recreation Park.

Nice and refreshing picture.