This is my 365 photography project..


Day 365: This Is The End

One year ago today I started a project: take at least one photo each day and post it online. Today, I do not post the 365th photo in the project, instead I compiled a collage above of the set.

Although this has been an amazing experience, I’m not going to continue with it very soon. Setting aside a few moments each day to look around and find something worthy of a photo adds a very interesting and nice component to everyday life. I’ve started noticing things I never saw before. Looking back at the full set is also a great reminder of all that I’ve been up to over the last 12 months.

Why I stop at the end of October, instead of 31st December – some of you might ask. The reason is simple, because I started the project early November last year. As long as it is a 365-day project, it should meet the criteria.

And now, an exhaustive list of memorable events (and photos)….

Brunei (twice), Miri city, Niah Caves, Labuan Island, bought two auction houses, Putrajaya, my mother passed away, bought a new CRV, Broga Hills, Genting Highlands, Singapore, Melbourne etc.

Tonight, I will be flying back to Melbourne. Again.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you my readers for visiting my album. Those with blogs, you know where to find me. And those whom blog I don’t know whether exist or not, or like to be ‘silent readers’, I am regret to inform you that this is THE END.



Day 364: KLCC Park

Day 364 of 365. Tomorrow is the last day. *Smile.

While skipping my lunch last Thursday, I went to KLCC Park. Alone with my buddy dslr camera.

Luckily, I got few shots left available on my memory card of 2GB. Cool.

Day 363: Yarra River

Day 363 of 365.

It’s been a week since I left Melbourne.

Next time maybe I try cruising the Yarra River. Cool.

Day 358: Just Starting To Rain Today

Day 358 of 365.

It’s being reported that we have not having rains for the last couple of weeks.

Ironically, it was raining the whole day today. Cool.

Postnotes: If you are following my album for quite sometimes, you might already know where I am now. In addition, I put some notes on the picture itself – you just have to slightly giggle your mouse on top of it.

Day 354: Cow Up a Tree

Day 354 of 365.

At first it was quite a challenge to find this ‘cow’ up on the tree, that is in the docklands area of the city. Cool.

Rainy season in Melbourne

Day 353 of 365.

Inspired by local bloggers, I went to St Kilda pier last Sunday by taking a tram. The journey took me about 22 minutes.

The wheather weather (thanks to Teacher Dinas 😉 ) in Melbourne is not so good now. As you can see above from this southern part of the city. But the scenic view is extraordinary. Cool.

I don’t know why they spell ‘Princes’ with single S

It’s been raining for the last couple of days. Hopefully we can get the sun pop out in very soon, like the day I captured the Princes Park lake last Tuesday.

Postdated: Princes is a plural form of prince, as The Princes in the Tower, Edward V of England (4 November 1470 – 1483?) and his brother, Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York (17 August 1473 – 1483?), were the only sons of Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville alive at the time of their father’s death. (wikipedia)

more showers expected today

Today I got a free city tour because I purchased two full day tours before. Cool.

But it seems like the rain will never stop.

Michael’s Camera Museum

Last Monday evening while looking for bigger memory card for my DSLR in Michaels’ camera shop, I found the Camera Museum located on the first floor of the same shop.

I didn’t buy the memory card though.

[+ more cameras inside my FOTOLUMAYAN ]

On another note, my daughter will be celebrating her 18th birthday today. Happy birthday to aTi. Good luck with your studies, my dear.

This mural is in respect of the Boomerang people

While walking towards Fitzroy Street in St Kilda Beach, I saw the above street art:

This mural is in respect of the Boomerang people – traditional owners and caretakers of this land.

Immigration Museum & Melbourne Aquarium

Located at Flinders Street, I visited the Immigration Museum. The entrance fee is eight bucks, cheaper compared to the Melbourne Aquarium‘s ticket of thirty-two.

Nonetheless, inside the Aquarium I can snap pictures of penguins and other aquatic animals as I like, contrary to those living in Phillip Island. Cool.

[+ Please CLICK straight to my FOTOLUMAYAN to see more things inside the museum and aquarium. ]

Luna Park

Last Friday night, I went to the Luna Park in St Kilda.

The park entrance is free but you have to pay if you want to enjoy the rides. Cool.

[+ more rides inside my FOTOLUMAYAN ]

I Want to Go Home

Last Thursday night I went to Swanston Street to buy some souvenirs. There are so many souvenirs shops indeed.

Today’s itinerary is to explore, experience and embrace the magic of the Great Ocean Road, where the Twelve Apostle is lying.

The above photo is a sky view from inside the Melbourne Zoo (last Sunday). Cool.

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo is located just behind my office and hotel.

Last Sunday activity was just visiting the zoo in a hot dry wheather for three and half hour. Cool.

Eureka Tower

Last Monday night (after work), I managed to catch the sunset view on top of Eureka Tower (297.3 metre), the second tallest building in Australia.  Before that I thought I could view it from the Observation Deck of Rialto Tower (the previous tallest tower in Melbourne) but it is closed to public now.

I didn’t dare to try the Edge and the windows reflections made the photography session as an unpleasant experience.

Note: by comparison, our Petronas Towers is 451.9 metre high.  Cool.

[+ some other pictures on FOTOLUMAYAN ]

Why can we not take photos of the Penguins?

The reason is HERE.

I just got back from Phillip Island last Saturday night and it was a unique experience to see the smallest penguin in the world running back to their burrows from the ocean. Cool.

Since we cannot take photographs of the penguins (understandably), I just showed you the penguin cutting from the tour magazine.

Churchill Island

After jumping off the steam train in Menzies station, we went to Churchill Island to visit a country farm.

There we were taken to farm ride, watch demonstrations on cow milking, and sheep shearing. We were also got the opportunity to meet wallabies.

Later, we went to the Koala Conservation Center just to see many sleeping koalas. Cool.

[+ more farm animals in my other FOTOLUMAYAN ]

Flinders Street

The above statue of Captain Matthew Flinders (I snapped last Sunday) can be found just outside of St Paul’s Cathedral. His head was covered with bird shit.

The Flinders Street is parallel to Yarra River and exactly one mile (1609.344 m) in length.

Today’s itinerary includes trips to ride Puffing Billy steam train and see Phillip Island little penguins. Cool.


I visited the National Gallery of Victoria last Sunday afternoon.

I only viewed the Asian Exhibition hall which has many displayed artefacts from ancient China, including the Guan Yin (above). Cool.

[+ Click for more artefacts inside the gallery ]

Bourke Street

From the Melbourne Museum I walked down to the Bourke Street to find the above popular sculptures. Cool.

[+ click fotolumayan to see more random images on this street ]

the community mosque

On the first day of my arrival here, I was brought to the nearest mosque (Islamic Call Society) in the area by a good and pious Abdul Haseeb. He is sitting next to me in the office.

Yesterday, I did my friday prayer in the mosque. The hall was fully packed with moslem brothers, mostly africans and middle easterns. The imam (and khatib) was well spoken in arabic and english alike. I found few Malaysian students. Cool.

[+ please click to see more pictures around the mosque area in my other fotolumayan ]

the 10th day of Syawal

Last night was the 10th of Syawal. I saw the beautiful moon in the sky. So, I captured it. It was a challenging task at first, but finally I got it right on my Canon EOS (in terms of exposures and clarity).

Picture data: Shutter priority, Lens Aperture F/5.7, Focal length 250mm, Exposure Time 1/8000s, Iso 1600, Time of taken at 7.14pm.

yellow corner

Nice top decoration.

Location: Chicken Rice Shop Restaurant, Jaya Jusco Tebrau City.

bukit chandu & Leftenan Adnan

From the Sentosa Island (or Pulau Belakang Mati), I was challenged to find the Reflections of Bukit Chandu (Opium Hill) since I am not familiar with the Pasir Panjang Road. Finally I managed to find it at the end of Pepys Road. One of the reason that I was so excited to visit this museum is because of the famous and bravery Lieutenant Adnan (Leftenan Adnan) who was strongly defend the last fort before the fall of Singapore & Malaya to the Nippon Army in 1942.

[+ More pictures in my other fotolumayan ]