This is my 365 photography project..

fauna & flora

DrSinga pun suka ‘Bokeh’

Day 352 of 365.

After getting off from the city tour bus last Saturday, I straight went to Tesselaar Tulip Festival in Silvan. It was the last day of the festival this year.

Eventually, I lost my umbrella in the train to Belgrave town.

But the experience to capture thousands of colourful tulips in the festival was priceless. Cool.

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gadisbunga suka ‘pinky rose’

Some random flowers I found (and snapped) during walking around the Melbourne City last Saturday.

From Grattan Street to Bourke Street. Cool.

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I saw these green bamboo trees inside the Bukit Belachan Recreational Park (Hutan Rimba Ampang).

man-made waterfall

Last Thursday was a public holiday for Malaysia Day. I went to Bukit Belachan Recreational Park (alone) just to take some photographs.

[+ more pictures in my fotolumayan ]

green spot in the newly upgraded airport

I managed to take a short nap while waiting for aDm to arrive from Unimas (Kota Samarahan) yesterday afternoon. But that after I snapped the above green lawn view from the underground parking lot.

colorful but fake flowers

I saw this trishaw infront of the TLDM Museum’s entrance door in Malacca downtown. It looks fascinating though.

Just a note: this is my 300th entry out of my 365 daily photography project. There will be another 65 more entries to go, ie two more months.

Peacock in the Tropic

One of the pictures that I took during a recent visit to the Floria Putrajaya. It’s made of heliconia flowers.


There are many orchids displayed at the Floria 2010 Putrajaya. The expo ends today (18th July).


At the Floria 2010 exhibition in Putrajaya last Tuesday night, I was fascinated by the bonsai display.

Taman Seribu Bunga

Last weekend, after sending off my daughter at her college dormitory in Jasin, I was using the other trunk road to Ayer Keroh Plus Toll Plaza before entering the PLUS highway to KL. In the mid way, I bypassed this garden called ‘A Thousand Flowers Garden’ or Taman Seribu Bunga. It reminds me of many flowers I photographed when I visited the garden on 29 November 2009.

green leaf herbs

This time I don’t adjusted the green color of the leaves which I found in IKM’s herbs garden, except the brightness.

klcc view

I capture this KLCC’s view from my office area by using my iPhone 3G. I edited the green trees and blue sky. I know it doesn’t look real anymore.

arundia graminifolia

arundina graminifolia

In my sister's garden (next to my parents' house) i found this beautiful bamboo orchid (arundina graminifolia).

Turnera ulmifolia

From time to time, I like to capture wild flowers. The one above I found infront of IKM Johor Bahru. It’s called Turnera ulmifolia or yellow alder. It might be close related to Turnera trioniflora or white turnera.

green leaves

I like to take photographs with green theme. Like the one above at Pesiaran Hampshire, off Jalan Ampang.

my hand is whiter

While hiking into the Lambir Waterfall, I saw this very tall tree with its trunk is so brightly red.  It’s a Selunsur Melaban tree, from Tristanipsis species (Myrtaceae).

crocodile feeding time

When we arrived at the farm, the crocodile feeding time was scheduled at 11.30am. We managed to see on how they feed the crocodiles by hanging white feathered chickens (i think they are all already dead) with a long string across the barn.

crocodile eggs

I visited the Miri Crocodile Farm & Mini Zoo in Kuala Baram last Saturday. Although the entrance fee is quite high (RM15 per person) but there are a lot of crocodiles inside.

The above eggs are of estuarine crocodiles.

fuzzy caterpillar from the jungle of Sarawak

Looks soft but you dont want to touch it because it will make you itchy really bad.

Toyota Service Center, KL

Normally I sent my Toyota Unser for service in JB. But due to spare parts unavailability, I have to sent it this time to its service center in Sungai Besi, KL.

On the first day, I arrived earlier in the morning to beat the KL traffice jam. While waiting in the workshop lounge for the foreman to arrive, I snapped the above flowers.

white flowers

White flowers I dont know the name.

Location: KLCC park.

green grass

I like green grass. This place used to be a tin mining pool. And there was a small warung under the dead tree. I used to come here for lunch before doing my friday prayers.

You can see the Petronas Twin Towers at the background.

Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur.

red walkway

The above walkway I found in Taman Tasek Lama (Old Lake Garden), Brunei. It’s a nice garden with waterfalls and suitable for joggers. I found out also that our ex-PM (Pak Lah) and Najib were here recently planting some trees as a gesture of goodwill between two countries.

town jungle

Inside the ‘Hutan Bandar JB’ or ‘Town Jungle’, we can find children playground, kiosk, wakaf place, toilets, water park, reflexology park (refleksologi), a pavilion (astaka),  a netscape, a green park, a pedestrian walk.