This is my 365 photography project..

fauna & flora

DrSinga pun suka ‘Bokeh’

Day 352 of 365.

After getting off from the city tour bus last Saturday, I straight went to Tesselaar Tulip Festival in Silvan. It was the last day of the festival this year.

Eventually, I lost my umbrella in the train to Belgrave town.

But the experience to capture thousands of colourful tulips in the festival was priceless. Cool.

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gadisbunga suka ‘pinky rose’

Some random flowers I found (and snapped) during walking around the Melbourne City last Saturday.

From Grattan Street to Bourke Street. Cool.

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I saw these green bamboo trees inside the Bukit Belachan Recreational Park (Hutan Rimba Ampang).

man-made waterfall

Last Thursday was a public holiday for Malaysia Day. I went to Bukit Belachan Recreational Park (alone) just to take some photographs.

[+ more pictures in my fotolumayan ]

green spot in the newly upgraded airport

I managed to take a short nap while waiting for aDm to arrive from Unimas (Kota Samarahan) yesterday afternoon. But that after I snapped the above green lawn view from the underground parking lot.

colorful but fake flowers

I saw this trishaw infront of the TLDM Museum’s entrance door in Malacca downtown. It looks fascinating though.

Just a note: this is my 300th entry out of my 365 daily photography project. There will be another 65 more entries to go, ie two more months.

Peacock in the Tropic

One of the pictures that I took during a recent visit to the Floria Putrajaya. It’s made of heliconia flowers.


There are many orchids displayed at the Floria 2010 Putrajaya. The expo ends today (18th July).


At the Floria 2010 exhibition in Putrajaya last Tuesday night, I was fascinated by the bonsai display.

Taman Seribu Bunga

Last weekend, after sending off my daughter at her college dormitory in Jasin, I was using the other trunk road to Ayer Keroh Plus Toll Plaza before entering the PLUS highway to KL. In the mid way, I bypassed this garden called ‘A Thousand Flowers Garden’ or Taman Seribu Bunga. It reminds me of many flowers I photographed when I visited the garden on 29 November 2009.