This is my 365 photography project..


Day 362: Super Heroes

Day 362 of 365.

Actually, I am searching for a one particular toy, look-alike zombies for my youngest boy.

From Minotaur toy shop in Melbourne to Kinokuniya Bookstore in KLCC. Still not available.

Any suggestion?


no forms

Last week, I went to the Ampang Park’s post office to send a document to my brother-in-law in Sabah (East Malaysia) by using Pos Ekspres. It took them 3 working days to deliver it.

my dslr camera

I love my Canon EOS 40D! It’s almost three years with me now.
Great clarity and I’ve gotten amazing shots once I learned to use all the features to their best extent.

This picture I took with my Canon Digital Ixus 110 IS.

hospital pusrawi

I went to Pusrawi Hospital in Jalan Tun Razak last Thursday night. I met a blogger who was there sending his grieving mom. Reminding of my own mother who is sick too.

bridal & wedding runaway

I brought my gigantic DSLR camera (Canon EOS 40D) to the Angsana Shopping Complex yesterday. However, the two dslr batteries were dead already. I thought I already charged them a night before.

Fortunately I can use my digital compact camera (Canon Ixus 110IS) to take few photos of the occasion. It’s better than nothing.

hello kitty

I bought two Hello Kitty flip flap type a very long time ago.  Both I put them inside my house and they looks and moves normally.

But when one of them I put on my Honda City’s dashboard, it seems not happy. Eventhough during hot sunny day when logically the solar getting its most power from the sun.

Location: Federal Highway heading Shah Alam.

birthday present

Looking back at the birthday present I gave to mQ few months ago and she is still wearing it now.

power juice

Actually I was looking for so long to buy a battery for my iphone. Especially when I am travelling by planes or express buses, which normally stranded at the airport and puduraya bus terminal for hours.

Two weeks ago, I bought the iphone power station (above) in Low Yatt Plaza. It costs only RM90 which I think is cheap compared to trouble minds of finding power whenever my iphone’s battery showing less than 20% level warning.

Pink, Pink Everywhere

mQ’s Sony Vaio original mouse is not being used although it’s a cordless type. We bought a cheap mouse last time, but the replacement mouse is now not working anymore.

Last weekend, I went to Landmark Shopping Center primarily to survey for an Ipod Touch (an Iphone without calling and sms functions). While at the shopping center, I bought 2 mice and 1 USB fan, and all of them are pinks in color.

Before that, actually I had a small accident while descending a parking lot’s stair. I dropped my iphone but luckily it’s still working.

rainbow lego

Today is my birthday. Just a reminder here to myself.

Err 01 and Dust On My Canon EOS

On the last day in Labuan Island yesterday, I was being surprised by my Canon EOS 40D old technical problems.

The first one is about dusts on my pictures I snapped, especially when I capture any blue sky. I tried using manual sensor cleaning in menu, but the dusts still exist. You can see clearly the dusts on the above picture of Labuan Stadium I took in the morning.

The second one is the program error ‘ERR 01’. I had sent this problem to Canon Service Center before. I Googled about it and found tons of similar problems:

* Battery problems — needs to add battery grip as IS uses more power to operate. This doesn’t make sense since the 17-85mm has IS but have been using it for more than a year. I was also using a battery grip with two fully-charged original batteries in it.
* Lens contacts need cleaning. Took a pencil eraser and cleaned the contacts in the lens (the gold-plated part inside) to no avail. I did the same with camera body. Both contacts look like they’re in pristine condition with no hints of oxidation or whatever.
* IS motor problem. Tried turning off IS and set the lens to manual and still the same. Then, I discovered that when the lens is half to fully extended, it works fine but when set at about 17mm to 35mm, the problem occurs.
* Loose screws. Check the entire lens and all the tiny screws in it but everything is intact.

I’ve exhausted all possible solutions and quick fixes so all I can do now is send it to Canon’s Service Center. [+ Yugatech Philippines ]

Now, I am having doubts with Canon build quality. I have been using my Canon EOS 40D for precisely two years already.

auto shut-off

(insert sony vaio the day I bought it)

My Sony Vaio is doing it again and again. This time, it shuts off automatically without reason.

I sent the pinky laptop to its Sony Center at Jaya Jusco Tebrau City. It will take another two weeks to be repaired. Luckily, it’s still under warranty.

he hates dog leash

(insert he hates dog leash)

While not trying to loose him again, I bought a baby ‘totalong’ aka dog leash. But the boy doesn’t like it very much.

Now, I dont know where we put the leash.

block model

(insert wellhead platform)

Nowadays, we seldom find a small block model of oil platforms of any new project. The above wellhead platform I found inside Petrosains, KLCC recently.

Instead, we designed the model inside our PC. And, I am proud to be one of the system administrators to facilitate a 3 dimensional model of that platform.

rubik’s cube a challenge

(insert rubik's cube 2x2)

For the last 20+ years, I never tried to solve the Rubik’s Cube again. The last time was a disaster (I never managed to solve it).

Just a few weeks ago, I got inspired to solve it under the internet (youtube) tutorials. Now I can solve the cube  (3x3x3) at an average of 3.5 minutes.

Therefore, solving the 2x2x2 is supposed to be much quicker. Yes, I agree.

Note: current world record holder (3x3x3) is Erik Akkersdijk (Netherlands) at 7.08s. For 2x2x2 record holder is Ron von Bruchem (Netherlands) at 2.65s.

your mini in the city

(insert sapura auto jalan tun razak)

It’s not my dream car. Anymore.