This is my 365 photography project..


Day 361: A Memento

Day 361 of 365.

A souvenir (from French, for memory), memento or keepsake is an object a traveler brings home for the memories associated with it. (wikipedia)

Please ignore the nyonya (on suar kontot) on your back.

Location: Tesco Seri Alam, last Sunday.


four ten is today

Today is my Queen’s birthday. Happy birthday to your mother from me far far away.

See you all tonight in Skype.

On other notes, I had reminders to turn our clock FORWARD one hour for the official start of day light saving yesterday (Sunday 3rd October 2010) at 2am. But you do not have to do that on your iPhone, laptop, and desktop’s clocks – it will automatically be updated. That means that we have a three-hour time difference between Melbourne and Masai now. Cool.

good luck my dear son

Dear son, wish you luck on your UPSR examination starting today.

Once again, good luck aQi.

my specky children

For the first time, I took my family’s picture during hariraya festival with a tripod. This year’s theme is ‘red’. And that little boy is much easier to manage his pose.

From left: aQi (12), aDm (20), yaasir (3), aTi (18) and aBo (9).

not for rich kids

While jogging in one of lovely afternoon, I found this pre-school registration banner. Maybe they try to limit the class size to the minimum.

Round up my wild lalang

Yesterday I bought the plastic poison weed pump to kill wild ‘lalang’ in my small garden.  Last time I bought the same pump (two months ago) and after using it for a day, I passed it to my father since his metal sprayed pump tank is heavy and always leak.

let her read

She likes to read.

girls’ dormitory

Yesterday morning (Monday), I sent my daughter, aTi (18), to Institut Kemahiran Mara in Jasin, Malacca for college registration. She is taking Sijil Teknologi Lukisan & Rekabentuk (STLR). She will be staying here for the next two years, hopefully.

my mother passed away

My mother passed away last Thursday morning at 7.40am in Pontian Hospital while I was 300 kilometer away.  Innalillah wa-inna ilaihi raji’un – Truly to Allah we belong, and truly to Him shall we return. Alfatihah to Allahyarhamah Hajjah Salamah Binti Haji Tahir.

chicken on rooftop

chickens rooftop

My mother is sick. It's been couple of months but yesterday was the worst of all. She cannot response anymore. May Allah give her from the abundance of His mercy. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

world cup is coming

My daughter (18) is going to college in two weeks time. She will be staying at the college’s hostel. We are busy buying her some clothes and necessities, including jogging shoes (cost RM199) at al-Ikhsan sports outlet in Jaya Jusco Tebrau city last weekend.

adm’s birthday cake

For the last couple of years, we celebrated aDm and aBo’s birthdays together so that we can save and share the cake. But not this year since aDm already had his birthday cake on his birthday himself on 16th May 2010 (3 weeks ago). The 16th May also is a Teacher’s Day.

abo’s birthday cake

Last Thursday (3rd June 2010) was aBo’s 9th birthday. We celebrated later on Sunday by buying her a birthday cake.

jasin melaka

Yesterday morning, I visited this small town of Jasin, Melaka for the first time.  The main reason is to see around the town area before I need to register my daughter for her study here in IKM.

bangunan medan mara

I remember the last time I went into this Mara headquarters building was just visiting the ground floor. I had no personal business here. Until yesterday I went to the 21st floor to see one of the lady officers who is incharge of IKM (Institut Kemahiran Mara) enrollment. But first, I had to face and argue with her stubborn secretary.

happy birthday my dear

Today is her 9th birthday.  Happy birthday to Balqis. Miss you so much.

the blue balloon he belongs

He got the blue balloon from our neighbor’s birthday party. He seems not to let anybody else touching the balloon.

vista eye specialist, jb

My Queen (mQ) and I were having eye surgery (LASIK) last year. Last week, the doctor decided to do an enhancement surgery on mQ’s eye due to her short sighted.

boy’s playthings

While waiting for my mother at the Specialist Hospital in JB, I found this children plaything inside the doctor’s room is quite attractive to the boy. It’s just a simple random kids design to keep him busy for hours.

my mom is sick

My mother’s skin was infected with fungus for the last 3 months. Actually I already sent her to local clinic, but there are no signs of remedy. Furthermore, this disease makes her not wanting to eat anymore. So I sent her to the Specialist Hospital in JB. The above photo of my mother after her chest was x-rayed.

sunway college jb

Before leaving to Senai International Airport, I managed to stop over at Sunway College Johor Bahru to get brochures, forms and info. It’s located at Jalan Austin Heights Utama, Taman Mount Austin.

Before that, I showed my daughter on how to get to IKM so that she could drive there by herself.

[+ maps google | official website ]

Happy Birthday My Little Boy!

Today, March 14 happens to be the birthday of Albert Einstein.

So does my youngest son, Yaasir. He is 3 today, but we had an advanced birthday celebration party at my parent’s house for him.

unsatisfactory service

While we went to the Immigration Department, we took advantage to apply for aTi’s  (17+)  new passport.  Although the officer (please refer to the yesterday’s entry) was checking all the customer’s documents individually before proceeding to the number collection counter, she missed to check her birth certificate due to her age (under 18). That’s why we went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) which is luckily just located next building to get her birth certificate’s copy.

Although there were not many customer’s at the JPN, but the service was very poor.

Luckily aTi got her passport done before the office closed that day.

a RM500 chauffeur

Last Monday, I took a one day leave from my work. I went to Jabatan Imigresen in JB to renew mQ’s passport. It was such an errand job because she needs to go to South Korea soon.

When we reached at the department at 7.18am, the queue was already long. And we can see that none of them are having a smiley face.