This is my 365 photography project..


no park

Please no park here. Restricted zone.

Location: RnR Ayer Keroh, Plus Highway heading south.


brake’s cable replacement

Last Thursday, one of my scooter’s handbrakes was not working smoothly. So, the brakes’ cable got replaced with a new one. It cost me RM45 (plus labor cost).

Postnote: Please don’t be confused. The red scrambler is not mine.

got her cleaned today

Just not to be ignored by our newly arrived cikSiarbi last week, I managed to send cikPutih to the car-beauty center to be detailed and made-over today. It took them 11 hours to polish (4 layers), wax, lacquer and clean her.

cik siarbi!

This is a new family car member which has arrived last Saturday on our car poach. And this is our 10th car during my 23 21 years of professional career life.

More pictures here in my other fotolumayan.

castrol oil

I used the most expensive engine oil for my Toyota Unser so that I could send the van a little bit longer next time for service. It’s the 10W-60 fully synthetic oil for wide viscosity rating means it provides excellent start-up protection under every extreme condition of operation. [+ castrol malaysia ]

changing sports rims

Right after I picked up the motorcycle from the KTM Old Railways Station, I changed the sports rims and tubeless tyres. Nevertheless, I changed my mind of using it as my daily working vehicles (due to its underpowered capacity), I sent the motorcycle to my son on the other side of the country.

Jalan Tun Razak

A daily view from my office window. There was a van driver trying to replace his vehicle punctured tyre. “They should place the triangle warning sign further down “, said Sharani, one of my officemates.

while waiting at honda sales center

Last week I already booked the Honda CRV and the salesman agreed to trade in the City. While waiting for the Used Car Dealer to arrive (more than one hour) at the sales center last saturday, I was offered to drink a plain water.

motor scrambler

I still remember my first motorbike I bought from my old brother. It was in 1985, a few months after my high school examination. The above scrambler model I snapped in Plaza Angsana.


Frankly, although I have been working with oil & gas industry for the last twenty years, I have never been riding a real life helicopter. The simulation one I took when I was visiting the Petrosains KLCC.


I remember the last time I sent my scooter to be washed was charged RM4. Last Monday,  I sent it to the same place, and they charged me for RM5. Damn.

jutawan jawa johor

Some people wants to reflect their car registration plat number to what they can easily remember. For me, the ‘JJJ’ is the acronym for ‘Jutawan Jawa Johor’, to reflect my Javanese background. [+ jutawan jawa johor lagi ]

abundant workshop

After the Puduraya Bus Terminal was shifted temporarily to Bukit Jalil last month, all the bus ticket counters were also shifted there. But this national bus express has still their ticket counters available here in Jalan Enggang.

a temporary bus terminal

Actually I already bought a ticket, but I went to this temporary bus terminal in Bukit Jalil last week asking them to change its date. But only to be told that I need to board the bus on the day myself. No need to change the ticket.

They will be here for another 4 months?

traffic congestion

Normal daily traffic jam in the infamous Pasir Gudang Highway near Johor Jaya and Taman Daya. This flow is heading toward Taman Perling during sunset. Pardon me about my dirty windshield.

red tuscani

I saw this Singaporean red Tuscani parked beside my old but loyal Toyota Unser.

Senai International Parking lot.

now it’s empty

The above parking lot (on Jalan Tun Razak) is just being sold. It’s one of the cheapest parking lot available in the golden triangle area of KLCC. But to cross the road into the office is a big challenge to the pedestrian users as well as the car owners who parked over there.

motorcycle gallery and supermarket

Although the above industrial land has been developed for a long time, just recently we can see the shops are opening for new tenants.

This is located next to Pasir Gudang Highway, near to Taman Megah Ria.

under the palm trees

After getting new tyres, I rushed to Telok Ramunia to test them. The wheather just looks nice.

sport rims

Last Saturday I changed my car’s back tyres at Hawk Tyres Workshop in Taman Rinting. I almost wanted to change all the four tyres, but it looks like the front tyres are still in good condition. But eventually, I asked the foreman to rotate the old good front tyres to the back, and the new ones  to  the front.

The above tyre rims are displayed inside the workshop.


I found the above modified motorcycle belonging to one of the longhouse teenage boys. There is no registration plate number on it, as it is a normal practice here in the remote area of the jungle.
By the way, today is New Year’s day. That’s means I already managed keeping this album for two months now. There are still ten more months of daily photographs to be compiled here.

big bike

There was a big gathering of motorbikers and their bikes in Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru last Sunday.

inside klia ekspres

From KL Sentral, I took KLIA Ekspres train to KLIA (KL International Airport) in Sepang.

It really took 28 minutes to travel as promised.

I arrived early in the morning to catch the fly to Bandar Seri Begawan at 11 am.

klia ekspres

The above klia ekspress train model I found inside the KL Sentral Railway Station, Kuala Lumpur.

I took the picture while I am on my way to KLIA to fly to Bandar Seri Begawan a few weeks ago.

I used to work at the Plaza Sentral building and always walk around this railway main station.