This is my 365 photography project..


Day 360: On Yap Kwan Seng St

Day 360 of 365.

I was back to the office yesterday.

Although I can pay my credit card loans online now, but I rather walk to the bank counters myself. Firstly because it’s good to exercise my legs from time to time. Secondly, it will give me more confident that the money will go directly into the account. Cool.


Day 357: Long plane rides home

Day 357 of 365.

By the time you read this, I might be already at home. Here is the dinner I had on my previous flight to Melbourne. Cool.

Day 356: The end of this Melbourne visit

Day 356 of 365.

Today I am going back to Masai. It’s been a month, or exactly thirty one days, in Melbourne.

It’s a job related visit. I will come here again. Maybe not. No one knows, only Allah knows. InsyaAllah.

Thank you all for always keeping me ‘alive’ here alone in Down Under. Cool.

Day 355: Melbourne Mosque

Day 355 of 365. Ten more days to complete this project.

I visited the Fawkner Mosque (above) last Monday night after work. Alone by myself.

Able to perform maghrib prayer in the real mosque (in Melbourne) was a real satisfaction, after a long journey of travelling by tram and train and walking through streets.

As I expected (from Haseeb’s story), it is really a Pakistani community mosque, that they normally have a tabligh gathering after prayers. I didn’t join them.

The moon was quite bright on top of the mosque but the sky was black and dark. After doing a little bit of post-processing HDR, although I didn’t capture the moon but I managed to get the blue sky. Cool

Wali Songo

Last Saturday I visited the Great Ocean Road to the popular Twelve Apostles, the Gibson Steps, and Port Campbell. It was a day-tour and I enjoyed the scenic landscapes, and beaches very much.

The title is nothing to do with this entry. Pardon me.

This is my 346 entry out of 365 project. 19 more days left in the project to go. Cool.

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Federation Square

As stated in my itinerary yesterday, the bus tour had picked me up at the hotel and brought me down to the Federation Square.

After riding a classic Puffing Billy steam train, we went straight to Churchill Island to explore the heritage farm. Then we stopped at Koala Conservation Centre, before witnessing the penguin parade in Phillip Island.

There are tonnes of pictures I snapped and are waiting to be uploaded very soon. Cool.

[+ just updated pictures from Puffing Billy train adventure ]

Ladies Night

On Elizabeth Street at 7.40pm in the evening.

My hand is more steadier now, especially when taking ladies’ pictures. Cool.

Melbourne Museum

Saturday morning I visited Melbourne museum. By the time I arrived at 8.50am, the queue was very long waiting for the museum door to be opened.

There is a special exhibition on the classic Titanic display which I entered. But I skipped the Imax though.

However, I visited some other exhibits including local aboriginal culture, and the famous racinghorse Phar Lap. Cool.

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how to purchase tram’s ticket

Although Abdul Haseeb taught me on how to purchase a tram’s ticket inside a tram, I was still confused at first.

Fortunately, when I asked one of the chinese student (I think I think) passenger, he told me where the ticket’s machine is located. It also accepts coins, and if you put extra money, the machine will throw the balance back to you. Cool.

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alone in melbourne city

Last night after work, I went to the downtown Melbourne city by myself. I caught a tram number 19 and went straight to the Yarra River. I snapped some photos of the city’s skyline.

Yes, I managed (finally) to play round with the RAW captured films in Photoshop and above is the result. But it’s a very time consuming task. Hopefully you like it too. Cool.

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