This is my 365 photography project..


Six Feet Street

I never drove on this Semenyih to Seremban old trunk road.

aQi at Genting Highlands

purple neon and aqi

Before knowing I had to rush to visit my sick mother, I managed to go to Genting Highlands last Thursday.

jason bay

Few months ago I went to Sedili Besar and Tanjung Sedili, but I didn’t make it to Sedili Kecil where the Teluk Mahkota or Jason Bay is located. As I expected, the sandy beaches are filled with rubbish.

hutan lipur panti

Although I pass this recreational place everytime then, I never wanted to go inside. But last weekend, I had an urge to visit the place and take some photographs. However, the place is closed indefinitely for upgrading purposes. Damn.

Jalan Ampang

An afternoon view of Jalan Ampang junction to the KLCC from Ampang town direction. Jalan Tun Razak is crossing it over through the below tunnel. At the right side is the Ampang Park Shopping center.

a lonely chairs

Finally, I left Miri city (not town anymore) last week on April Fool’s day. I might come back here again in the future if requested by the client.

piasau bridge

Although I used this Piasau wooden bridge (Bailey Bridge) everyday for the last 2.5 weeks only, it should be in my memorabilia things to be remembered about living in Miri. It’s a one-way traffic only and every morning there will be two traffic guards who control the traffic on both ways by using walkie-talkie to ease our daily travel to works.

sunset at Tanjong Lobang

Tanjong Lobang (Miri, Sarawak) is a place to view a beautiful sunset. Indeed.

the kiri

This is my second visit to Kuala Belait in two weeks timeframe.  The above teapot (locally known as ‘kiri’) roundabout in Kg. Sg. Pandan.

big chess set

At Oil & Gas Discovery Center in Seria, Brunei, there is a playground for kids to play. Not only kids though, but also for the adult as well. Like the above big size chess set.

Latak Waterfall at Lambir Park

It’s only about 20 minutes walking distance from the entrance to the Latak Waterfall. The waterfall is quite high with greenish water underneath it makes it tempting to wet ourselves. But I was not prepared to swim on it last Sunday because I had to rush to Canada Hill.

plank pathway

The Plank Walkways to the Niah caves. The 4.5-kilometre walk to the caves is not difficult. But the distance makes you really tired.

Rumah Buruk Pangkalan Lobang

At Pangkalan Lobang, Bukit Niah, after alighting from a RM1 boat, there is an old house and the Niah Archaelogy Museum. The place looks creepy before you start your journey to the Niah Caves.

Gua Niah

Finally I arrived at Gua Niah. Although there are good pathway up to the caves, but the distance of 4.5 km is quite far.

one billionth barrel monument

Yesterday (Saturday), I went to Kuala Belait and Seria to see and visit some interesting places over there for the first time.

The above is the one billionth barrel monument in Seria.

In Malay, ‘Pengeluaran minyak mentah yang ke bilion tong, Julai 1991’.

putra mosque

Last Sunday, before a flight to Miri, I transit at KLIA for 8 hours.

But I planned already to visit Putrajaya Mosque to snap photographs. Everything went well as scheduled.

Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim

From this mosque (Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim), I can see the other blue mosque as a mirror replica on the opposite bank of Muar River in Tanjung Agas . The two mosques formed a spectacular landmark, especially for those two who enter Muar from the river mouth.

a soccer field

While searching for an old fort at Kota Buruk, I saw the above soccer field in Kampung Padang Lalang, Jorak.

kota buruk

Tracking an old historical graveyard is my passion nowadays.

Finding the one like above who is sitting farther from modern infrastructure is sometimes quite challenging. But I managed to reached it by asking the locals.

It says, ‘Kota Buruk is believed that the fort was built towards the end of the 14th century by Parameswara’.

nilai memorial park: revisited

Last Thursday I passed by the same PLUS highway going south. I took the same scenery but this time with my big dslr camera which of course looks better compared to the one I took with my digital camera (from inside a bus) a week before.

Nilai Memorial Park

I still remember the first time I saw this memorial park, I thought it was a real historical war memorial garden.

But it is just a graveyard (or a ‘jirat cina’ we call it in Malay), for our chinese friends. And looking at the size and environment of the park itself, the accomodation sure is expensive.

[+ Makin banyak jirat cina hiasi ‘PLUS’ – Utusan Malaysia ]

the largest chair in Malaysia

From Kuala Lumpur city center toward Sungei Besi toll plaza, there is the largest chair in the country. It’s exhibited infront of Plaza Perabot (Furniture Plaza) at Desa Petaling.

Pardon me about the reflection.

leaving kl (temporarily)

Leaving Puduraya bus station will see the above skycrapper buildings.  On the left is the Tun Sambanthan building.

masjid kampung dato’ onn

The last time I visited to this mosque (Kampung Dato’ Onn, Larkin), I was fascinated by the notice board which shows educational things about mass prayer (Solat Berjemaah).

Although the mosque is small, but it’s a convenient stop for taxi drivers to do their solats and take a break while doing their shifts here since it’s located at the heart of the city.