This is my 365 photography project..


Day 355: Melbourne Mosque

Day 355 of 365. Ten more days to complete this project.

I visited the Fawkner Mosque (above) last Monday night after work. Alone by myself.

Able to perform maghrib prayer in the real mosque (in Melbourne) was a real satisfaction, after a long journey of travelling by tram and train and walking through streets.

As I expected (from Haseeb’s story), it is really a Pakistani community mosque, that they normally have a tabligh gathering after prayers. I didn’t join them.

The moon was quite bright on top of the mosque but the sky was black and dark. After doing a little bit of post-processing HDR, although I didn’t capture the moon but I managed to get the blue sky. Cool


Day 354: Cow Up a Tree

Day 354 of 365.

At first it was quite a challenge to find this ‘cow’ up on the tree, that is in the docklands area of the city. Cool.

Rainy season in Melbourne

Day 353 of 365.

Inspired by local bloggers, I went to St Kilda pier last Sunday by taking a tram. The journey took me about 22 minutes.

The wheather weather (thanks to Teacher Dinas 😉 ) in Melbourne is not so good now. As you can see above from this southern part of the city. But the scenic view is extraordinary. Cool.

DrSinga pun suka ‘Bokeh’

Day 352 of 365.

After getting off from the city tour bus last Saturday, I straight went to Tesselaar Tulip Festival in Silvan. It was the last day of the festival this year.

Eventually, I lost my umbrella in the train to Belgrave town.

But the experience to capture thousands of colourful tulips in the festival was priceless. Cool.

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I don’t know why they spell ‘Princes’ with single S

It’s been raining for the last couple of days. Hopefully we can get the sun pop out in very soon, like the day I captured the Princes Park lake last Tuesday.

Postdated: Princes is a plural form of prince, as The Princes in the Tower, Edward V of England (4 November 1470 – 1483?) and his brother, Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York (17 August 1473 – 1483?), were the only sons of Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville alive at the time of their father’s death. (wikipedia)

more showers expected today

Today I got a free city tour because I purchased two full day tours before. Cool.

But it seems like the rain will never stop.

Michael’s Camera Museum

Last Monday evening while looking for bigger memory card for my DSLR in Michaels’ camera shop, I found the Camera Museum located on the first floor of the same shop.

I didn’t buy the memory card though.

[+ more cameras inside my FOTOLUMAYAN ]

On another note, my daughter will be celebrating her 18th birthday today. Happy birthday to aTi. Good luck with your studies, my dear.

This mural is in respect of the Boomerang people

While walking towards Fitzroy Street in St Kilda Beach, I saw the above street art:

This mural is in respect of the Boomerang people – traditional owners and caretakers of this land.

Immigration Museum & Melbourne Aquarium

Located at Flinders Street, I visited the Immigration Museum. The entrance fee is eight bucks, cheaper compared to the Melbourne Aquarium‘s ticket of thirty-two.

Nonetheless, inside the Aquarium I can snap pictures of penguins and other aquatic animals as I like, contrary to those living in Phillip Island. Cool.

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Wali Songo

Last Saturday I visited the Great Ocean Road to the popular Twelve Apostles, the Gibson Steps, and Port Campbell. It was a day-tour and I enjoyed the scenic landscapes, and beaches very much.

The title is nothing to do with this entry. Pardon me.

This is my 346 entry out of 365 project. 19 more days left in the project to go. Cool.

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